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BeneCom Associates serves businesses with high-quality employee benefit statements. Rely on our team to successfully communicate your benefits package and simplify your company’s year-round plan.

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How We Help Communicate Your Employee Benefits

Delivering Customized Benefit Statements & Communication Materials

Benefit Statements

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Without the right implementation partner, benefit statement communications can quickly go off-the-rails

That could cause a huge headache with security issues, data errors, rushed deadlines, or unprofessional materials, and make you worry that you’ll have to micromanage every detail to keep the project on track, on top of everything else you’re managing.

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Communicating Benefits is Complex

At BeneCom, we understand the benefits communication process and the burden it brings both small and large businesses. With ineffective materials, misinformed employees, and underutilized benefits, there’s a lot that can go wrong. That’s why we offer personal benefits statements and communication materials to streamline your strategy and maintain more active employees.

Your Partners in Benefits Communication

Specializing in custom benefit statements, BeneCom provides clear, concise, and timely materials tailored to your organization. We’ll become a vital asset on your human resources team and create a seamless enrollment experience. The result? Increased employee engagement, satisfaction, higher enrollment rates, and reduced workload for HR managers. Start making the most out of your compensation package today.

Key Features of Our Solution


Customized strategies are the most effective. We develop personalized communication strategies tailored specifically to your company. By prioritizing your branding, employee profiles, preferences, and goals, we can ensure that the messages resonate and drive engagement.

Multi-Channel Approach

With a multi-channel approach, BeneCom can help reach employees through the most relevant platforms. Different employees require different ways of communicating and we’re ready to find the best solution to maximize the impact of our communication efforts.


Our project managers and designers have years of experience crafting the most clear, concise, and professional materials to effectively convey complex benefit information in a user-friendly manner.

Trusted By


east west

I have been working with BeneCom since my first day managing benefits for our company. The service BeneCom provides goes beyond just design and fulfillment – they are all of that, plus a true project management partner. I can’t say enough about their value to our program and to me.

Benefits Manager – World’s Largest Equipment Rental Company

“We overhauled our benefits package and, of course, we needed to do it within a very tight time frame. BeneCom played a major role in helping us meet this challenge. They effectively communicated our vision and key messages – and were exceptional at meeting every deadline. And they accomplished all this while saving over $30,000 from the estimates provided by the firm we were formerly using. You can imagine how our administrative team loved that part!”

Director, Human Resources – Large Health System

“A real difference of BeneCom is you’re so ‘tuned into’ what’s going on in the marketplace – and what really works for an individual client. This was evident in the work you did for our client's company as they underwent a massive overhaul of their employee benefits program. Though the time frame was very tight and you had to coordinate multiple plans, your implementation and follow-through were absolutely meticulous! All on budget! Thank you for helping us meet this important challenge.”

Assistant Vice President Senior Benefits Account manager – National Insurance Brokerage Firm

“On behalf of the our Company, we wanted to let you know of the outstanding services your staff has provided to our organization over the past six months. This was the most complicated benefits communications task we have ever tried to manage and [with BeneCom Associates] this is the first year in three open enrollments that the process has been accomplished without incident. It’s been a real pleasure working with your staff and thank you for a job well done!”

Benefits Analysts – Large Banking Corporation

“The BeneCom staff were wonderful to work with and always was one step ahead.”

Senior Human Resources Specialist Benefits Manager – International Transportation Corporation

"Absolutely fantastic! Congratulations on an outstanding job."

Benefits Manager – National Hotel Chain

“We were extremely pleased with the quality of the communications pieces.”

Benefits Specialist – Major Financial Institution

“Your pricing was very competitive, and your final billing came in at the low end of your estimate.”

Benefits Manager – National Hotel Chain

“We think you do a great job... It really helps that you understand the business.”

Assistant Vice President – National Health Care Consulting Firm

A Leader in Benefits Communication

For over 30 years, BeneCom has been a trusted partner for businesses, providing on-time, on-message, and on-budget benefit statements. Our commitment to customization and ability to create clear, concise, and accurate materials sets us apart.

Let's Talk!

Whether you’re looking to increase participation in your benefit offerings, increase satisfaction with total compensation statements, or provide a more defined contribution plan, BeneCom Associates is here to help.

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Our Process

  1. Let’s Talk — Give us a call or fill out a form to discuss your project and request samples! 

  2. Get Your Quote — Receive an up-front pricing outline.

  3. Launch Your Program — Feel confident in your open enrollment materials with BeneCom on your team. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a benefit statement?

A benefit statement is a print or digital document that outlines the various benefits and perks provided by an employer to their employees as part of their compensation package. It summarizes the value and advantages that employees receive beyond their salary or wages. It can include information about benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, bonuses, employee discounts, professional development opportunities, wellness programs, flexible work arrangements, and any other additional perks offered by the company.

Can I view samples of BeneCom’s work?

Yes! We’re happy to provide samples of our work. Contact us today and tell us more about your project needs.

What types of communication channels and platforms does BeneCom specialize in?

BeneCom has experience producing open enrollment resources for a variety of communication channels. We’ve mastered the best practices for benefit statements and can also additional resources via digital and print platforms. We’re ready to reach your employees where they are, so contact us today and we’ll find the platform that works for your company.

How do you ensure that our employees understand and engage with the information being communicated?

At BeneCom, we are focused on creating simplified, customized, and high-quality materials. When it comes to benefits decisions, the majority of employees resonate with concise and consistent information and as experts in the industry, we know how to successfully get the message across.

Can your service assist us in communicating and implementing changes to our benefit plans or policies?

Yes! No matter what coverage options, time frame, enrollment platforms, or current benefits, we’re ready to work alongside you to create and communicate the most effective message.

What are the associated costs and pricing structures for your benefits communication service?

Every company, small to large, requires enrollment communication, therefore our projects greatly differ in size and cost. For an accurate cost estimate, please contact us today.