Navigating The “Great Resignation”

We are all familiar with the "Great Resignation". Employees are quitting in droves for a variety of reasons.

It is often very expensive to replace employees, never-mind how disruptive their departure can be to the organization. Several ideas are being bandied about to mitigate these developments. These ideas include addressing…

  • Career development opportunities
  • Organizational transparency, trust, and communications from employers
  • Collaborative and inclusive work environment
  • Flexible work arrangements

Any company with over 100 employees should be sending an annual benefit statement to their employees. Benefit statements are a very cost-effective way for an employer to communicate how they contribute to an employee’s well- being. Benefit statements disclose an employer’s contribution to the employee’s benefits that the employee doesn’t see in their paycheck.

BeneCom’s template benefit statements, in a range of sizes and styles, are an incredibly cost-effective solution. Custom benefit statements from BeneCom, with design and content tailored to your culture and brand, also yield excellent returns given the high costs of replacing an employee. Statements can be delivered digitally or printed and mailed to homes to fit the needs of your workforce.

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