Health Insurance Exchanges – Communication is Key!

Spring 2015

Many employers are starting to contemplate health insurance exchanges as a new option for their employees. As a result of the Affordable Care Act, in addition to public exchanges set up by the government, private exchanges are being created as an alternative offering for employer-sponsored health care.

A private health care exchange is a web-based portal where employees can compare and purchase health insurance offerings. Because of tax law changed to health insurance plans, private exchange offerings are becoming a much more viable option for many employers. Private exchange offerings are rapidly increasing, and this trend is expected to continue.

Because private health insurance exchanges are new and can be somewhat complex, clear, comprehensive communication is key to help employees navigate their options and make educated choices. Your communication strategy should include the what, why, how, and when of enrolling through the exchanges:

  • Employers should help employees understand what exchanges are.
  • Employers should explain why they are moving to the exchanges. Because employees can be cynical about an employer’s motive for moving to an exchange, communication should outline the advantages both to the employer and to the employee.
  • It is important that employers provide information on how employees choose benefits with the exchanges. This means comprehensive decision support tools, like answers to frequently asked questions, questionnaires to help employees identify the right plan, cost calculators, and other resources.
  • Honestly, employees need to understand when they need to make their enrollment decisions.

Enrollment communication is evolving and will continue to play an important role in helping employees make these new choices.

BeneCom works with you to figure out the best plan for communication based on your employees and the choices they have available. We will develop a detailed communication strategy with objectives to help you most effectively communicate your health plans, including the new world of private exchanges.

Sometimes lower paid employees just choose based on the lowest cost, while higher paid employees are able to take advantage an really analyze all the plans available…customize a plan just for their family.

State of Indiana – if you are smart about it you can come up with a great solution and cut cost.

We’re not telling you what to do we’re going to help you communicate it in the best way.