BeneCom Supports Benefits Consultants

Fall 2017

BeneCom serves companies of all sizes, from small businesses to members of the Fortune 500, as well as benefits consultancies with multiple locations nationwide. The great majority of our work is built through partner relationships with consultants.

As a benefits consultant, you work with clients each year on planning, forecasting, choosing vendors, pricing, and plan implementation. Communication needs to be a part of this cycle as well – and BeneCom can help.

Your expertise is helping clients choose plans, and ours is to maximize the success of those plans. With over 20 years of experience exclusively in benefits communication, we are your ideal partner.

Customized communication supports your work
Just as you tailor plan designs specifically for each client, we customize benefits communication based on client objectives, key messages, and target audiences. With the right communications, employees understand their benefits and are able to use them effectively. They also appreciate the value of benefits offered by their employer, so your client gets a greater return on their benefits investment.

Your work with clients may include open enrollment, benefits calculations, and compliance information. We are experts at communicating in these areas. Our work includes enrollment kits, benefit brochures, benefit statements, digital media, SPDs, and more. We can develop these materials from scratch, or supplement any existing communication materials.

We are there from start to finish
We work with clients to develop a communication plan, and a detailed framework for carrying out that plan. We take care of everything, from content development, to edits and reviews, to graphic design, to print production, to developing digital media. You work with your client to finalize plan design, and we can take it from there to provide clear, concise communications to employees.

With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, health care exchanges, and other recent changes, benefits are more confusing to navigate than ever. Great communication needs to be part of the plan. With a reputable partner like BeneCom, you are ensured your client has the resources they need to communicate effectively.

On message, on time, and on budget
BeneCom Associates is experienced in all aspects of employee benefits communication including health, group life, dental, disability, and retirement programs. Because we understand benefits, it is easy for us to craft specific messages to meet each client’s communication objectives.

We are easy to work with, with no surprises. BeneCom is unique in that we provide our services at a guaranteed price. We have refined a high-performance/cost-efficient delivery platform over the past 20 years. We manage the process with a staff of experienced project managers who lead a nationwide network of design, writing, print, fulfillment and digital media consultants.

No matter the company size, or the size of the project, BeneCom has the resources, talent and distribution channels to deliver exceptional results to your client. The complete satisfaction of clients is our highest priority.

Partner with a proven benefits communications specialist
You work hard to provide the right plans to your clients. Be sure your clients make the most out of those plans with excellent employee communications. BeneCom has the knowledge and skill set to build a custom-tailored benefit communications program – with copywriting, design, audio, video and digital media development, print production, and more. No job is too big or small. Our goal is to provide effective, clearly written, competitively priced communications, no matter what the scope of need.

Please contact us with any questions about this article or benefits communications in general. We’re happy to help!